Group One Construction Inc. is a true, full-service general contractor and a valuable asset to your team during every stage of the project. Whether you are at the initial stage of finding that perfect property or at the last stage putting together your construction team, Group One Construction Inc. can step in at any time and help take away the burden of managing the project. We can help you find that perfect architect or we can meet with the city on your behalf to obtain the necessary permits. For 25+ years we have worked with many of the local cities and agencies in the Silicon Valley and have established excellent relationships. Our strong working knowledge of the “building process” is a huge part of what sets Group One Construction Inc. apart from our competition. “We focus on the building process so that you can focus on building your business!

Our approach to business is very simple, we focus on four key areas: delivering a quality product; with exceptional service at competitive pricing while being on or ahead of schedule. Many companies talk about these key fundamentals but few deliver on a consistent basis.


Group One Construction’s mission is to be the builder of choice for our customers; the employer of choice for our people; to set the highest standards for quality service and safety; and to achieve a fair balance of responsibility, profitability and citizenship.