Richard Foust

Richard Foust built Group One Construction on a simple premise –to succeed in a competitive and challenging market the company must invest in areas where others don’t. Group One differentiates itself from the competition by spending extreme amounts of time during the pre-construction phase evaluating and analyzing a project to remove any unknowns, thereby reducing Group One’s (and the owner’s!) risk.

Rick brings a level of excitement to his work that is contagious. It’s his passion for building that makes him an excellent leader and he strives to create an environment in which employees feel empowered, productive and happy with the role they play. He also enjoys being closely involved with the projects his group takes on, particularly challenging, architecturally-driven jobs that require innovative thinking and attention to detail.

“Group One is able to win bids by
being extremely thorough in the
pre-planning stage, reducing risks
by providing minute details and
identifying issues before they
become problems.”